Imperial Gaming Limited (IGL) is a Nigerian gaming company established with a prime objective to make a difference in the Nigerian lottery space.

Licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board and operating with the brand name Super Lotto, we have positioned ourselves to deliver exceptional value to our customers by offering innovative, informative, distinctive and truly entertaining products to our esteemed customers.

Our business ethics are founded on integrity, innovation and transparency. We implement and promote the application of best practices in our processes with a view to earning our customers’ trust and loyalty.

At IGL, our customer-centric disposition stems from the knowledge that our customers are the only reason why we are in business. This informs our unwavering desire to always put them first in every business decision we make.

We also have an avowed social commitment to make our society a better place. This explains our decision to commit a portion of our earnings to the key sectors of health, education and youth empowerment.

Our Vision

To be the preferred brand of choice in the Nigerian gaming industry.

Our Mission

To raise a network of completely loyal customers emotionally connected to our brand by offering them innovative, distinctive and truly entertaining products and services, while at the same time adding value to the society through our Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.