Because we fully understand the effectiveness of partnerships, we work very closely with our vendors/agents to deliver our promise to customers in various locations. We refer to them as partners because they are more than just agents or vendors, as they are major stakeholders in our business.

An integral part of our partnership engagement strategy is the partnership business meeting which holds on a monthly basis to review our procedures and streamline our processes.

We also have a Partner Support Team always on standby to provide backup support when required. This is to ensure that our channel partners have the prerequisites and standard requirements to ensure commercial activities are not affected at any point in time.


These are the direct sales vendors who interface directly with our customers on a day-to-day basis. They are the people on the field who directly project our brand to our customers through word-of-mouth engagements, collection of stakes from players, vending tickets and payment of specific cash winning.


These are non-exclusive partners who are responsible for the activities of direct sales agents under them. Platinum partners handle funds collection from direct sales vendors and make payments for winnings within specified limits.


These are exclusive partners with franchise covering a particular geographical area. They interface directly with Super Lotto and are responsible for the activities of direct sales vendors in their given locations.

Given our utmost desire to see that our brand image is rightly communicated to our customers at every point in time, we consistently inspect and monitor our channel partners to ensure that our organisational ethics are continually upheld.

Key Qualities of Our Channel Partners

Super Lotto merchants are often people of high reputation and proven character. Some of the key qualities we look out for include:

Smartness- the individual must be very smart and up-to-date. Good knowledge of our products is important.

Customer-Centric – the person must always put our customers first and constantly look for new ways to serve them better.

Self-Starter – Our partners are self-driven and always looking to take on new challenges.

Strong Interpersonal Skills – The business of gaming revolves around the partner’s ability to build friendships and maintain them. Rudeness is never a part of our culture.

Integrity – This is one key area where we strive to stand out from our competitors. Our partners are expected to demonstrate high level of integrity at every point in time..

How to become a partner:
  • Proposed operational location must be a lock-up shop or Super Lotto branded kiosk which should be situated in a commercial/high human traffic area.

  • Potential partners must have a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or POS machine as well as thermal printers for ticket sales to customers. Furthermore, devices for ticket sales must be fully powered at all times.

  • Potential partners must be able to provide stable Internet connectivity. This is a key pre-requisite. It is extremely important to evaluate and determine the best Internet service provider within the proposed location.

  • Basic Information obtained from a set of forms issued by IGL. Applications can also be submitted through the company’s website (

  • Government-issued valid identification card.

  • Passport Photograph.

  • Confirmation of documents.

  • Due-diligence visit to proposed sales location(s)

  • Execution of agreement and guarantor form .

  • Training and administrative support in setting up operational location.

  • Installation/setup of lottery platform.

Benefits Of Becoming A Partner

Becoming a Super Lotto partner comes with a bouquet of benefits that are too good to resist. Apart from having the opportunity to be associated with a very robust brand that Supper Lotto represents, you also enjoy an ease of doing business that comes with our proven business strategies.

We are very particular about quickness to market, hence, our registration process is very easy and streamlined to help you launch out as soon as possible. This means you can start making money as soon as you want.

In addition to the above, you get to enjoy the following:

  • Benefits Of Becoming A Partner
  • A result-oriented marketing communication strategy that takes the pressure of creating brand awareness off you.
  • Evolving products that are both entertaining and engaging.
  • Technical assistance at the point of setting up.
  • Standby assistance on-the-go from our Customer Service team.
  • Free onboarding training course.